Weather and Agronomic Insight for Small Holder Farmers

Weather 100Integrity oVers a complete behind-the- scenes framework that provides real-time, localized weather data and field-level agronomic intelligence across the value chain − from research centers to ag businesses, and even into the hands of small holder farmers. You can access and apply this daily weather data and agricultural information service immediately for your research programs, business or organizational model, or mobile delivery solution.

Weather 100Integrity Benefits

Historical and forecast weather information tuned for agricultural decisions Up to date alerts on pest, disease and other risks for each farm location and crop type Growing Degree Units (GDUs), seasonal analysis and comparisons Rapid deployment of our data through your applications to your farmers


Research Centers

Agro Businesses

Mobile Solution Providers

Extension & Cooperatives

Small Holder Farmers


Our Collaborative Approach

Easy Integration of Advanced Weather and Agronomic Data

Weather 100Integrity becomes an extension of your existing agricultural development program, so that you can begin immediately delivering actionable field-level information to your farmers. Our data are updated daily for each field and delivered through Weather Kit™, an API that gives you the control to deliver data however you prefer, including your applications, SMS messages, voice mail, email, and more. Weather 100Integrity data and components easily integrate into virtually any existing system, so you can focus on rapid deployment of information to farmers in the way that best fits your program model.

Visualize weather data for your customers

Weather Kit also oVers a suite of visualization widgets and designs to quickly add color and insight to your delivery mechanism with minimal investment, time-to- market, and headaches. Colorful displays provide quick interpretations of sometimes complex agronomic data, making daily decision-making by your farmers both easy and actionable.

Become the premier weather and agronomic data provider

Weather 100Integrity is weather and agronomic data optimized and tailored specifically for daily agricultural decision-making at the field-level. Unlike other weather sources, 100Integrity weather data generates agronomic models tailored to each field, including pest and disease risk indices, crop growth stages, Growing Degree Days (GDDS), and seasonal comparisons


100Integrity Support
We generate new insight for each farm or crop trial location by integrating our data and modeling with your records. By simply providing your farm or plot locations (lat/long), Weather 100Integrity immediately delivers the most accurate daily weather and forecast data. Weather Agronomics™ will then deliver daily updates on seasonal comparisons, disease and pest risks, and operational planning. Weather Agronomics can then be expanded throughout the season as more information is available about each field, such as crop type and planting date.

Your Data Remains Safe and Private The protection of your customer data is top priority for us. We only require minimum information, including latitude/longitudes and farmer ID. This information helps us identify agronomic trends in a given region, but we never ask for, capture, or share personal farmer information. Your data remains your data.


Ag Intelligent Weather = Unparalleled Field Accuracy

Of all the data that has been recorded in the data loger and has been accepted by the server, then the data is stored in a server and subsequently processed automatically by the application and then the data will the show in the dashboard. Interaction and data storage requires a cost of Rp 1 million per month and expected data can be administered continuously for two years to be drafted weather and management models suitable cropping pattern.

100Integrity Alur A. Field Ruter   B. EM50 Datalogge   C. Rain Gauge   D. T&RH SensoR   E. Solar Radiation  
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Our Team

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Chusnul Arif

Specialist on Agro-Environmental Informatics with many experiences on the development of field monitoring system in Indonesia e.g, paddy fields and forest plantation. He got PhD from the University of Tokyo in 2013.

He is member of International Society of Paddy and Water Environmental Engineering (PAWEES) and very active to attend their International Conference annually. He has conducted many research project with water, soil and environmental in Agriculture.

Bayu Apri

Specialist in agro-climatology and enviromental sciences. Now, He is as a lecturer in Laboratory of Natural Resources Engineering, Department of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Gajah Mada University. He conducted some projects in the effects of climate change on agriculture in Indonesia. Now, he is also as a member of expert staff in Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Indonesia.

He got an Master of Agriculture (M.Agr) and PhD from Iwate University, Japan with the specialist in agro-cilmatology and enviromental sciences.

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